Shviro, Uzbekistan tours 

We always dreamed to make a Silk Road trip in Central Asia. Finally, our wish came true. We spent eight days in Uzbekistan and one week in Kyrgyzstan. It was more than enough to see the main sites of both countries. Incredible mosaic mausoleums and mosques were the high spots. I could imagine caravans travelling on the trade road crossing the cities. We had great time! 


Konrad, Uzbekistan tours

Hello! An interesting route was organized for me along the countries of the Great Silk Road like Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. I was delighted with the eastern flavor of these countries and especially food. It is very tasty and not expensive. Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country with its unique nature and history! Uzbekistan won my heart with the interesting buildings of ancient times, which to this day have preserved their culture. I can say for sure that everything is beautiful here, that I can't even find fault with anything! Thanks for the inspiration!


Piyush, Uzbekistan tours
Thank you for the opportunity to get two in one. This is Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan! All was good! Everything was delicious! See you soon! 

Tan, Uzbekistan tours
We decided to try my luck and visit the beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan! Arriving here, we were greeted very well and treated to very tasty food. We liked boorsok and apricot jam. This combination is just great! We liked Son Kul the most. A very peaceful lake where you feel paradise. Our time flew by so quickly ... Just a week, but as if 2 days. We will miss Kyrgyzstan!
Vika, Uzbekistan tours 

My trip to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan inspired me! These are beautiful mountains of course, lakes and rivers, gorges, canyons. All the same, Central Asia is cool! Each my day brought me only bright moments and impressions. I liked absolutely everything! Of course, there were difficulties and problems on tours like inappropriate weather and problems with transport, but this was resolved very culturally and quickly. Thanks for the decent service! You deserve the best rating!


Tim, Uzbekistan tours 

Kyrgyzstan won my heart the first time! I fell in love with this country just like that! Here is a real paradise! Issyk Kul and Son Kul is an ideal place for a family vacation! I really liked the city tour and reached peace! I recommend visiting this country and get the most out of it!