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The five Central Asian countries like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are popular destinations in the travel sector. And if you want to travel already in Central Asia, let us know and we will consider options for a tour with a car for rent. These countries of Central Asia are known as the 5 "stans" since ancient times were neighbors, and therefore they have many similarities in cultures and have many ties in history. Nevertheless, when you start to travel in Central Asia with a rented car, you will understand that each country can amaze, despite the slight similarities.

And so Kyrgyzstan is a small country in Central Asia. A country surrounded by heavenly mountains and rich in natural resources. For example, on the tour of Kyrgyzstan by car for rent, you can travel off-road in mountainous areas, as well as go hiking. It is also worth travel around Kyrgyzstan to see such famous lakes as Issyk Kul, Son Kul, Chatyr Kul, Sary Chelek, Kel Su and others. A country rich in lakes, rivers and glaciers is considered rich in water resources. Take the tour and go to Kyrgyzstan to learn more about the nomadic culture and history of the country. Local residents are always hospitable.

The next country also in Central Asia is Kazakhstan. It is famous for its steppes. The country is also one of the most famous travel destinations. During the tour with a rented car, guests of Kazakhstan most of all want to visit such places as Big Almaty Lake, Medeo Skating Rink, Charyn Canyon, and wade through the cableway leading to Almaty. If in culture Kazakhstan is similar to Kyrgyzstan, then nature distinguishes them.

Tajikistan is a state resembling Kyrgyzstan in relief, that is, a mountainous country in Central Asia. By the way, these countries also border. Tourists also want to get to Tajikistan in order to travel through the mountainous terrain and use our tour with a rented car service.

Another eastern country, Uzbekistan, is also considered a popular destination on the tour. And so the first thing for which you should go to Uzbekistan is to taste the famous pilaf dish with dried fruits. Here in this country of Central Asia, you will be able to taste many other delicious oriental dishes on the tour with car for rent. To feel all the oriental flavor, go straight to the bazaar. It is really worth travel here because there are many historical buildings to see. Come and enjoy the oriental flavor, local culture and hospitality of the people.

Turkmenistan is a closed country of Central Asia. However, tourism is also developed here. You can take the tour with a car for rent from us to travel around Turkmenistan to see the Karakum desert and the gas crater. Here you can see the ruins of such ancient cities as Nisa and Merv.

The tour with a rented car in Central Asia will be unforgettable because hospitable people, oriental sweets, rich culture and rich history of nations await guests here. 

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