History of Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan

The history of the Tien Shan Mountains is truly amazing and will be interesting on Kyrgyzstan tours. Meet locals and learn more about culture on tours by renting a car.

Our company will provide facts on tours. The academic as Pyotr Semyonov prospered the first important fact of the 19th century. According to his analysis, people begin to name it Tienshansky.  

Contact us and we will specify a great tour for everyone. On the way you will get an information about history, as the Buddhist monk Hsuan Tsang when he went out in the 7th century. He offered these perfect places as snow top  places. By providing a car rent service on the tour in Kyrgyzstan, travelers will be told about Marco Polo's valuation of Kyrgyzstan in 1273.                  

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