Dear guests, we are proud and delighted to be able to arrange tours in Kyrgyzstan, within which everyone can rent a car and visit the best places of country. Since our republic is multinational, we have many different holidays. On holidays, people usually do not work, as these days are considered to be day-off.

Today we would like to introduce you to the official holidays of Kyrgyzstan. The very first holiday that is celebrated by absolutely everyone is of course January 1-New Year, Orthodox Christmas, February 23 - Defenders of Fatherland Day, March 8 - International Women's Day, March 21 - National Holiday Nooruz, April 7 - April Revolution Day, May 1 - Labor Day, May 5 - Constitution Day, May 9 - Victory Day, August 31 - Independence Day, November 7 - Day of History and Memory, Orozo Eid, Kurban Eid. People celebrate the last ones as the Muslim religious holidays, the days of which are pointed according to Lunar calendar.

Traveling around Kyrgyzstan or just coming on a tour, you definitely need to rent a car in advance. We will be happy to help you with this question. Our managers and the highly-experienced drivers and qualified guides will be surely given to you.

With a rented car, you can go on a tour and attend some events on the occasion of the holidays. You will definitely learn a lot, taste Kyrgyz cuisine, see people in traditional clothes and play national games

By the way, there are a lot if International, Soviet, National holidays. For example, August 31 is the day of celebration of Independency, March 21- is the traditional Muslim holiday, Nooruz -when the locals cook sumelek made of wheat malt and other kygyz cuisine. Also, most of the holidays are going side by side with burning the juniper.