Issyk Kul lake never freezing lake

In this article we are going to share information about Issyk Kul lake which will be helpful for you in tours. Our team also would like to mention about car rent service which will perfectly match to such kind of tours. On the territory of Kyrgyzstan, there are about two thousand high-altitude lakes, but the pearl of the country and the entire Tien Shan is Lake Issyk-Kul (translated from Kyrgyz - "hot lake", from ancient Turkic - "sacred lake") with an area of 6236 square kilometers with a maximum depth of 702 m. The purest rivers flowing down from the mountains constantly replenish the lake's basin, but the water in Issyk-Kul itself is salty (5.8 ppm at the surface, up to 18 in depth), which, together with the unique mineral composition of the local rivers, gives the lake's never-freezing water a thick blue color. At the same time, depending on the place and time of day, the color of the water can change from soft blue to dark blue tones. And the transparency of the water in the open part of the reservoir reaches 12-16 m. The beauty of the lake is simply amazing, P. P. Semenov-Tien-Shansky in his scientific tours compared it to Lake Geneva in Switzerland, and preferred Issyk-Kul.

To every majestic place is attached several legends, here we will share one of them. On the territory of Issyk Kul was located a town. But because of disaster - a strong earthquake, which did not spare anything and anyone. The ground filled with water. A lake was created on the site of the town. While this disaster, a group of young girls left the city for the mountains to collect firewood for the furnace. Only these girls stayed alive. Every day they began to come to the lake, crying bitterly, and could not accept the loss of their loved ones. Sitting on the shore, they shed bitter tears that fell into the waters of the lake. So many tears were filled the lake as it is nowadays. Now we have a lot of options to travel and see all this beauty. Even we may rent a car rent service which was unthinkable some decades ago.