Traveling around Kyrgyzstan during a tour with car rent service, tourists see the natural resources of the country, represented not only by the majestic mountains but also by the most beautiful mountain lakes. Studying the lakes of Kyrgyzstan during the tour, travelers understand that there are about 2,000 of them here; they try to use rented the car service to visit the most popular of them. Well, Issyk Kul, Son Kul, Chatyr Kul and so on are distinguished among the most popular and the biggest lakes in Kyrgyzstan. By the way, most of the lakes of Kyrgyzstan are mountainous and they can be located at an altitude of 2500-4000 m above sea level. While traveling around Kyrgyzstan with car rent service and visiting these beautiful lakes of the country, it is important to know that some of them were formed as a result of melting glaciers and also to take some information about them. Therefore, now we will briefly tell you about the largest and most popular lakes in Kyrgyzstan in the travel field. And so Issyk Kul is a never-freezing lake in the country, even in the cold season, therefore its name in translation from Kyrgyz means "warm lake". This lake has many advantages besides the fact that it does not freeze, it is considered the pearl of Kyrgyzstan. This pearl lake that can be visited by any traveler during the tour with rented the car service in Kyrgyzstan is located in the heart of the Tien Shan Mountains at an altitude of 1600m. As already noted, the lake has many advantages and is a must-see because it takes the second place in transparency after Lake Baikal among all lakes in the world. The next lake is one of the highlights of the Naryn region in Kyrgyzstan and this is Son Kul. Son Kul is a mountain lake of incredible beauty located at an altitude of 3016 m above sea level. On the territory of Son Kul Lake, travelers are surprised and admired the beauty of green summer pastures and valleys. By the way, the waters of the Kajyrty and Naryn rivers feed this popular mountain lake.

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Further, moving with car rent service during the tour along the Chinese border Torugart, travelers see another famous lake Chatyr Kul, which is located at an altitude of 3530 m above sea level. Kyrgyzstan is such a unique country from the point of view of nature that here among these beautiful lakes there is also Lake Merzbacher, a kind of miracle of lakes, that is, "disappearing lakes". This phenomenal lake appears and disappears every summer. Then the southern side of Kyrgyzstan has such a beautiful lake in a unique biosphere reserve called Sary Chelek. Lake Sary Chelek has an amazing nature, since the lakeshore is surrounded by dense forest, there are streams on the mountain slopes, the air is incredibly fresh, the water is clear. However, no one should forget that this is a biosphere reserve and the lake is strictly under control.