Mountains in Kyrgyzstan

Before starting the tours tourists firstly read about what country it is. Here we will get acquainted with mountainous system in Kyrgyzstan. Our company also proposes car rent service. More than 90% of the territory of our Kyrgyz land is covered with mountains, because it is not for nothing that Kyrgyzstan is called the country of heavenly mountains. It is all about peaks, gorges and valleys. Most of tours in Kyrgyzstan are related to the nature.

Their uniqueness lies in the fact that the highest peaks-seven thousand meters, small heights, and incredibly beautiful landscapes are concentrated on a small territory. In total, there are 14 peaks in Kyrgyzstan with a height of more than 6,000 m and 26 peaks exceeding Mont Blanc (4,807 m), the highest point in Europe. Our mountains belong mainly to the Tien Shan mountain range, a relatively smaller part is located in the Pamirs. The more information you will hear from our guides during tours. We should note that our guests who use car rent service discuss interesting facts during the movement and it is kind of bonus to strengthen material which you hear from our guides.

The Tien Shan mountain system covers 2/3 of Kyrgyzstan and split into 5 ranges: Northern, Western, Eastern, Central and Inner. Moreover, Kyrgyzstan is famous by Pobeda and Khan Tengri peaks.