The relief of Kyrgyzstan is exactly what tourists want to explore in their tours. The country is rich in mountains and borders several States. The most interesting thing is that the total length of the country is equal to the size of Nebraska or England and Scotland combined.

Tourists can marvel at the terrain of the country, rent a car such as a Lexus LX470 and explore even the nearby territories with the borders of countries such as China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The state of Kyrgyzstan is a great and powerful mountain, which is also full of interesting and beautiful gorges, rivers, or lakes.

Tourists will travel in tours at an altitude of 1000 meters. The country is also rich in glaciers that are eternal and never melt, many of them in hard-to-reach places. Kyrgyzstan also has steppes and deserts. The country is 6.3 % suitable for agriculture, 4.25% are forests, 4.4 % are lakes, and 4% are glaciers.

During the tours, you can learn about many places, see all the most beautiful landscapes, rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and explore an incredible country. Local residents are not afraid of strong gusts of wind, as the country is blocked from all sides by mountains.