Welcome to Kyrgyzstan! It is time to experience new views, opportunities on the tours. The program will provide a great chance to get acquainted with the territory of Kyrgyzstan and learn more about sites and highlights. Our tours are safe and sound and open for new ideas.

Since, a transport is also important, we provide car rent with the high quality of cars and comfort.

The aim of our company is termed by the countless love to the country, to the lodgers and the world. There is a great choice of cars for rent, may use by the travelers in Kyrgyzstan. The tours organized by us will be full of interesting places and ideas. We are sure it will give you unforgettable feelings.

In Kyrgyzstan all-wheel drive cars are in demand. With the help of cars for rent, you will have an opportunity to reach far sites, to onlook wonderful places of the country. The quality of roads is dirty and gravel. So, it better to rent a car.

The middle-of-the-road of the territory is enclosed with mountain areas for hiking, trekking, horse riding and so on. The tours in Kyrgyzstan will provide an opportunity to communicate with the locals living in the heights. Kyrgyzstan car rent service is made for the clients to be able to see the mountains and experience the hospitality of nomads. As for nights, usually spent in the guest houses or in the yurts. The first ones are concerned with giving the comforts, the second ones are full of the means of the civilizations of the people. Having nights in the yurts, you will have an opportunity to dine. Also, toilets are located outside, sideways with showers to be rather infrequent. Our company will get the full service of the tour for all travelers as well as help to rent a car.  


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