The unique culture, traditions, customs, rituals and rituals of the Kyrgyz people have developed and continue to exist for many centuries. Of course, customs and rituals are passed down from generation to generation and thanks to this they have survived to this day with which travelers can get acquainted during a tour with rent the car Bishkek service. By the way, by contacting our managers, you will get the best tour with Kyrgyzstan rent cars service that only can in our country, therefore, all our professional staff, including managers, guides and drivers, will be involved in our tours. Traveling around Kyrgyzstan with the cars for rent, guests of the country in the literal sense of the word will be able to experience the rituals, that is, the customs and traditions of the state. Kyrgyz rituals and customs were formed on the basis of the Turkic culture.

In this article, we will inform you a little about the very main rituals that are performed in Kyrgyzstan. Holiday after holiday follows with the birth of a baby and therefore various rituals are performed. The first is the message of the joyful news "suiunchu", and by tradition, the very first person to report receives a reward in the form of money. "Korunduk" - after the birth of the child, friends and relatives come to visit to see the baby and give the parents any amount of money for this. Then "beshik toy" (Cradle Festival) is a holiday dedicated to the first day of a newborn in the cradle. On this day, guests are again invited and traditional dishes are prepared, juniper is burned. Then, when the child is one year old and he begins to take the first steps, they make "Tushoo kesuu". This is an ancient holiday when a child's legs are tied with a rope, twisted from pure ram's wool. On this day, there are also many guests, whose children will run in the competition and the winner will cut the fetters on the child's legs.

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Now let's turn our attention to the rituals performed during marriage. The solemn wedding takes a special place in Kyrgyzstan. Travelers understand during the tour with rent a car Kyrgyzstan service that the country considers it important to have a wedding in a large chic restaurant with a large number of guests, despite the cost. Earlier, there were such rituals "ala kachuu" - the theft of the bride, and even if the couple was unfamiliar, the groom stole the bride and the girl had no right to leave the groom's house according to tradition. Now the law prohibits ala kachuu. "Kyz uzatuu" has preserved to this day, this is seeing off the bride, all friends and relatives on this day say goodbye to the bride. Then the ceremony "nike kyiuu" will be performed in the groom's house, this is the legalization of marriage according to Muslim laws. Then the wedding comes. Travelers during the tour with rent the car Bishkek service will be able to learn, in addition to these customs and rituals, and many other interesting ones from the guides.