Seasons and weather

Kyrgyzstan is the country with pleasant climate. The seasons and weather are popular on tours by travelers in Kyrgyzstan. The temperature is usually changes varying on the altitude. Kyrgyzstan is located among the highest mountains with no access to seas and oceans. It is worth getting tours in Kyrgyzstan and rent a car.

Coming in Kyrgyzstan in March you can see the attractive season of spring, but in the mountains this season starts in April. In spring weather changes rather shortly, it can rain as well as snowing, then suddenly sunny. There are no sturdy winds as hills nearby save us. Spring temperatures start from +9 °C (50 °F) to +23 °C (74 °F).

One of the hottest seasons in summer and in the middle of May show its possessions at the valleys. In September you can notice rainy days. The season of visiting the country and car rent is summer, but nowadays winter tours in Kyrgyzstan are very eminent. When travelers rent a car in Kyrgyzstan, they are determined, of the climate in the mountains to be cold. In the beginning of summer temperature can be +28 °C (83 °F) and up to the end it starts to be higher than +30 °C (86 °F).

Also, in the end of September and in the beginning of November you can see the real autumn. Weather changes often, mostly snowing. With the heights it becomes colder than at valleys. Temperature begins from +25 °C (77 °F) and ends with +9 °C (78 °F), -2 °C (28 °F).

Winter is the coldest season of the year. Today it is well-organized to be one of the magical seasons in Kyrgyzstan. If you drive higher to the hills it feels colder. There are whiteouts in Kyrgyzstan during winter. This is the season when surveyors rent a car Kyrgyzstan and travel to the uplands. Temperature is about +4 °C (39 °F), -7 °C (20 °F) to the ones which can be lower than -15°C.