Kyrgyzstan is the country where everyone has an opportunity to feel home. That is why we are looking for opportunities to make a review of the country. On deciding to make a tour in Kyrgyzstan usually people look for the main and common information of the country and of course companies organizing these trips. That is why it is highly important to get acquainted with such kind of information.

Companies organizing tours in Kyrgyzstan must exist for a good amount of time. It is necessary as in this case they are aware of all secrets of service, all of the routes which can be taken, how to make the trip to be going perfect.

We offer service of welcoming foreigners to our country in order to show breath-taking beauty of all parts of it. We love Kyrgyzstan, the boarders and of course the whole world. Organizing a trip we offer a wide range of cars for rent with the help of which it is possible to travel to distant parts of the country. There are different routes which can be taken here, different in details and of course complexity. But be sure any tour will be interesting and unforgettable.

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Our visitors prefer 4-wheel drive cars taken for a trip. The reason is that such cars can reach all of the corners of the country, complicating and open ones. Jeeps are taken for rent due to the quality of our roads. It is usually difficult to reach some of the places without such cars. Despite it roads are dirty and gravel, so jeeps are a right choice.

The territory of the country is known to be mountainous. This makes the opportunity to go hiking and trekking, and of course horse riding. Being in a tour here it is important to talk to the locals, especially in the mountains. These people are able to tell secrets of the country, mountains and of course incredible history legends and myths. When guests don't want to travel in a group, they take cars for rent and in this case they are able to wander about the country on their own. Local people are known to be hospitable and extremely welcoming ones. They are always glad to help foreigners. The trip in Kyrgyzstan means nights to be spent in yurts or guest houses. Usually toilets in such places are outside. Nights in the yurt means unity with traditions of the local citizens. When you decide to choose our company it means we are going to make all possible for the trip to be perfect.