Traditional clothes

Planning a tour to Kyrgyzstan and do not have much time or are concerned about planning your own tour? Then this article is for you! Welcome to our versatile country Kyrgyzstan, dear visitors. We, the Travel Experts team offer you best tours. We can rent a car for you and provide the best opportunities to see the landmarks of our country, as well as learn about its culture and, in particular, the Kyrgyz traditional clothes.

Traditional clothes are considered as the hallmark of the Kyrgyz people, as is its nature. Traditional clothes are one of the most kinds of creativity combining the art of designing, application, leather and fur processing. In the design, you can see ornaments and other details inspired by nature and tribal traditions.

The well-known Ak kalpak is one of the main headdresses of the Kyrgyz people. Kalpak is a tall hat made of solid white felt. The traditional men's clothing is chapan (there are two types of chapan: summer with a standard collar and winter with a fur collar) - and suede or leather trousers. It is customary to give the Ak-kalpak with beautiful embroidery and a long embroidered felt coat, chepken for honored guests.

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Beldemchi, a skirt with a slit in the front, was the favorite kyrgyz women's clothing. On holidays,in Kyrgyzstan it was customary to wear dresses with ruffled-sleeves sleeves and a skirt with a similar design vest. «Elechek» similar to a turban or «shokulo», decorated with feathers was worn as a headdress.

Due to the development of tourism and greater interest to the culture of the Kyrgyz people, various events and tours are held both outside (mountains, parks and etc) and in museums. Therefore, this is a unique opportunity to rent a car in order of your comfort and spend time in nature and get acquainted with traditional clothes, cuisine and everyday life of the Kyrgyz people. Our team can help you to create your individual tour plan, rent a car, and visit all upcoming excursions, exhibitions, shows and presentations concerning the traditional clothing.

Despite the fact that the modern Western style of clothes prevails in Kyrgyzstan these days, we can notice the traditional elements of traditional clothes, which the Kyrgyz are very proud of. As a result, we can say that despite modern fashion, Kyrgyz traditional clothing was and continues to be very beautiful and exclusive.