For travelling to Kyrgyzstan, you can take a ticket in the airport, and have tours to our astounding country with the help of air. There are two main airports, situated in altered cities of the country. The first one is located in Bishkek, Manas International Airport. In order to get to it or from it to the capital the visitors can rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and within 40 minutes about to get to the city. The other International airport is located in the south of the country, Osh International Airport, sited in 9 km from the city Osh.

In case if tours don't assume the transfer from the airport, you can take a taxi outside the building of the airport. Taxi of the Manas airport have a fixed price of driving to the city, or taxi can be chosen between the drivers in the hall of the airport. In Bishkek the assessed price is 9-11$, but in Osh the price is about 7$.

In Kyrgyzstan, you will be met by the driver. Take car rent in Kyrgyzstan for tours. There are flights of direct from/to Moscow, Almaty/Astana, Delhi, Dubai, Dushanbe, Istanbul, Tashkent, Urumqi, Ulaanbaatar. Our managers will offer a short schedule of the flights which can be taken on tours.

Almaty - Bishkek
Air Astana, Mon, 10:15-11:10
Air Astana, Wed, 10:30-11:25
Air Astana, every day, 18:20-19:15 

Astana - Bishkek
Air Astana, Mon, Fri, 08:05-09:55
Air Astana, Sat, 14:45-16:40 

Delhi - Bishkek
Aviatraffic, Thu, Sun, 09:50-12:50 

Dubai - Bishkek
Fly Dubai, every day, 22:40-04:40+1 

Dushanbe - Bishkek
Aviatraffic, Sun, 21:45-23:55 

Moscow - Bishkek
Aeroflot, every day, 08:40-15:55
Aeroflot, every day, 21:25-04:50+1
Aviatraffic, Sun, 11:25-18:25
Aviatraffic, Mon, Wed, Fri, 20:30-03:30+1
Ural Airlines, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, 20:25-03:35+1
Ural Airlines, Thu, Sun, 09:00-16:00 

Istanbul - Bishkek
Turkish Airlines, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, 22:05-06:35+1
Turkish Airlines, Mon, Wed, Fri, 14:00-22:10+1
Turkish Airlines, Tue, Thu, Sat, 18:35-02:45
Pegasus, every day, 21:35-05:40+1
Aviatraffic, Mon, 06:15-13:55
Aviatraffic, Fri, 03:40-11:20 

Tashkent - Bishkek
Uzbekistan Airways, Mon, 16:25-18:40
Uzbekistan Airways, Thu, 07:00-09:15
Uzbekistan Airways, Sun, 07:50-10:05 

Urumqi - Bishkek
China Southern Airlines, every day, 08:45-09:05 

Ulaanbaatar - Bishkek
Turkish Airlines, Tue, Thu, Sat, 06:00-08:30 

For travelling in Osh from Bishkek and back the visitants can buy the ticket every day. But schedule can change, and before booking the ticket please learn more about the details. Our administrators are always eager to answer your requirements.