Transportation is an amazing factor for the seeing the country. We are going to talk about rail chances on tours in Kyrgyzstan. There is a company of the railroad service, as Kyrgyz Temir Joly, or Kyrgyz Railroad. Not all guests have a chance to get the country on train, as the mountain site makes limits for the tours on rails.

With the tour in Kyrgyzstan and car rent it is required to know that the regarding of railroad of the country is seen to be of two significant parts, northern and southern ones. In order to get to the Issyk Kul region, it is not inescapably to rent a car, but to get tickets on the rail and leave Bishkek for Balykchy. Then it is common to the railroad of Kazakhstan. Travel to Uzbekistan, in the past the guests were having the enliven to get there from Osh and Jalal-Abad. Presently it is hard.

Come to website of Railroad Company or, you can find the schedule in order to know how to travel to Kyrgyzstan. By trains you will not get to some place in the short period time, but there are probabilities to choose the level of well-being during the way on it. Then after arriving to our country, everyone can use the service of Bishkek car rent and notice the remote places on tours in Kyrgyzstan. 

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