Kyrgyzstan holidays

Located between Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, and closed on the high mountains of China, Kyrgyz Republic - a small and unique country. Majestic mountains, combined with pastures, deserts and fertile plains, creating the character of the land and people of Kyrgyzstan. 

In the 20th century, Kyrgyzstan was incorporated into the USSR. Now, as an independent republic, Kyrgyzstan successfully implemented free-market reforms and support the political and ethnic stability. Kyrgyzstan has the most liberal media in the former Soviet Union, Russian and Kirghiz languages ​​are official in this country. 
Kyrgyzstan has its own agricultural sector, rich in mineral resources and has a high potential for hydropower, while economic ties remain strong with Russia and other CIS countries. 

National and professional holidays

National holiday:

1 - New Year in January.
7 - Orthodox Christmas in January.
8 - January OrozoAyt.
8 - International Women's Day March.
21 - March Nooruz.
26 - March KurmanAyt.
1 - May International Day of Labor.
5 - Constitution Day in May.
9 - Victory Day in May.
31 - Independence Day in August.
Professional holidays:
Day of the housing and comm. Management 3rd Sunday of March.
Geologist Day 1 Sunday in April.
Day of statistics, the last Sunday in April Day of due May 7.
Day of Fisheries a Sunday in June.
Day of Light Industry 2 Sunday of June Day of Water Resources 3rd Sunday of June.
Lawyer Day last Sunday of June.
Day of the tax of the employee on July 1.
Medical Worker's Day the first Sunday in July.
Day of the Service Employees 3rd Sunday of July.
Day of the forest 3rd Sunday of September.
Machinist's Day last Sunday in September.
Day of the employee social security and trade unions on October 19 Day of Diplomatic Service on October 24.
Day of Culture on November 2.
Farmer's Day Saturday 1 November.
Day of the defense organization of the last Sunday of November.
Day of Broadcasting on December 8.
Day of economic and financial staff on December 10.