Kyrgyzstan songs

Bright pearl of Kyrgyz epic heritage, of course, is the folk epic "Manas". The epic consists of nearly half a million lines of poetry and exceeds the volume of all the known world eposy. Primechatelno that being a nomadic people, the Kirghiz have managed to keep the epic "Manas" in oral form, which only emphasizes its uniqueness.

The songs, epics manasovskogotsikla praises the exploits and campaigns (Casati) Kyrgyz legendary Manas Khan and his forty warriors (Kirk-Choro). The centerpiece of the epic is "Long March", or "Going to the Manas Beydzhin."

Manas - the hero, after whom was named the epic - warrior, united the Kyrgyz.

Storytellers and singers (Akyns) performing the epic works of the Kyrgyz people were respected by all and they were nicknamed "Manaschi."
On the epic "Manas"

The epic "Manas" - is primarily an incomparable, unsurpassed work of art created by the aesthetic genius of Kirghiz people on the ground and based on real events, facts, heroic personalities, and that from century to century, from the narrator to narrator grind, chop, cleaned, get rid of excess goods from foreign bodies, absorbing into itself more and more organically-necessary components of tumors, and finally reached the unreachable heights of today's perfection.