Tajikistan tours

Name of tour: Visit of Pamir
Itinerary duration: 4 days/3 nights  
Brief info about tour: Pamir Highway is the main highlight of Tajikistan tours. You can explore a small portion of it with its amazing landscape, great people with tradtions and customs during this short visit in the country. Learn the history by sightseeing in Dushanbe and visiting Hissor fortress, and enjoy fascinating views on the way and back from Kalai-Khum. Read more...

 Visit of Pamir, Tajikistan tours


Name of tour: Deep in Pamir mountains
Itinerary duration: 6 days/ 4 nights
Brief info about tour: This tour will allow you to explore the country more extensively. You will visit the capital city of Dushanbe with a Hissor fortress in its outskirts, see the Norak reservoir on the way to Kalai Khum and visit the administrative center of Darvaz distric, Khorog village, enjoy landscapes and excellent views. Read more...

 Deep in Pamir mountains, Tajikistan tours


Name of tour: Pamir Highway tour
Itinerary duration: 7 days/ 6 nights
Brief info about tour: You will get acquainted with the country's history and see amazing landscapes during this 7 days tour. The history and culture of the people of Pamir is long and diverse, you will learn many interesting facts about it while travelling to Kalai Khum village and Khorog town in the Pamir Highway and city tour in Dushanbe. Read more...

Pamir Highway tour, Tajikistan tours 

The most mountainous country of Central Asia is Tajikistan. Its celestial peaks, alpine lakes and unique culture of local people will be the main highlight of your Tajikistani tour. The legendary Pamir Mountain area is the second highest populated mountains after Himalaya. It the reason why it is called as "the roof of the world". Travel to Tajikistan will hold a promise of amazing landscape, silvery rivers, vast valleys and hospitable Pamir people with centuries old traditions and customs.  You can have classical tour or deep tour in the heart of Pamir Mountains.

There are different itineraries are possible. Usually it starts from Dushanbe ends in Dushanbe, Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan. You can also make vise verse. However all of them takes you most charming places. 

The highlight of the Tajikistan tours is famous Pamir Highway. We offer to start it in Osh city  in Kyrgyzstan and end in Dushanbe. The Pamir Tract is 1 325 km long and full of majestic mountains and turquoise lakes. The most exciting part of the travel is the border with Afghanistan. While driving, you will have an opportunity to see stony Afghan villages. The highest mountain pass on the way will be Ak Baital pass with 4 655m height. Here it feels like on the top of the world. Along the tour, you will stop at villages and towns that provide accommodation. They are Langar, Yamchun, Khorog, Kalai Khum and Wakhi. The inhabitants of some villages proud  of pure identity and culture. It is a great chance to capture the fascinating lakes of Tajikistan. They are Iskanderkul, Seven Lakes and Norak reservoir. By the way, Tajikistan has the largest deposit of water in Central Asia.  Travelling through Tajikistan is not only exploring the nature, but also discovering the historical sites. There are tours to Khujand, Penjakent, Istaravshan and Hissor fortress.

Tajikistan offers great destinations for mountain adventurer and lover of history and culture. We will help you to organize combined tour according to your personal wishes and preferences! Let's travel with us!